Name change on Trezor

Last month my wife and I sold some BTC. No problem. This month we accessed Trezor and noticed that the code name on our Trezor changed. Now, it has my real name instead of our code name. We didn’t do this. However, yesterday, we updated Trezor. Did the update change our code name to my real name on our Trezor screen? If not, what could have caused this? Thanks

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If multiple people have access to your device, one of them has changed it manually

If you are using web version of Suite, a browser autofill might have mistakenly filled in your name, and someone could have confirmed that on Trezor by mistake.

Yes, Matejcik, that happened yesterday to change the screen name to my name because we were using the web version of Suite. Do you know how we can change it back to our code name like it was before?
We don’t want our name showing. Thanks

Go to Suite settings (cogwheel at top right), navigate to Device tab, scroll down until you see “Device name”. Enter whatever you want Trezor to show.

It worked. We changed it back to the code name. Thanks Matejcik.

Just one more question if you don’t mind…On the left side of the screen, we notice two accounts. A BTC account under “legacy segwit accounts” and also another BTC account above it. Will this present a problem? We’re not sure why there are two BTC accounts. Can we erase one? Thanks

I don’t think you can erase an account.

By default you’ll get a Bech32 account, and if you ever received funds to an older type account (such Legacy SegWit), it will be auto-added.

You don’t need to worry about this. Both accounts are available to you. You can continue using the “legacy segwit” one and ignore the new one.


How can I get the home screen to display the device name again after setting a custom background once?

Go to Suite settings (cogwheel at top right), navigate to Device tab, scroll down until you see “Device name”. Enter whatever you want Trezor to show.

Yes I tried this but the device name will not show once the any wallpaper has been changed after a factory reset. I don’t want to factory reset the device though. Can you confirm you are able to set the blank wallpaper and make the device return to showing the device name like in the picture above that says “My Trezor”?

the default wallpaper is the first one in the gallery, but you are right I just tried and it does not display the name after you change it back. I will raise this issue

If you have trezorctl installed, you can use trezorctl set homescreen default command to revert to default.

It is possible that this functionality is not exposed in Suite.

Love that response. Will try it tommorrow and report back here.

thank you please raise the issue, i burned so many calories trying to get python installed and i still failed but i didn’t try harder than any pleb would.

any update on how to get the name to display without a reset?