My trezor sub-account in my metamask disappeared

Hello everyone,

The first day I set up my trezor wallet, I created a subaccount by clicking add a new hardware wallet via Metamask and opened it for use by signing in opensea. Afterwards, I started to use it via trezor by sending all my nft to this wallet. I gave approval and signature via trezor in every staking, unstaking, listing and transfer transactions I made.

Then I used the ethereum wallet address inside the trezor wallet to send the coins I kept in the exchange into the wallet. But the metamask address where my nft’s were and my ethereum coin address in trezor looked different.

Yesterday, when I was going to log into my trezor subaccount again via Metamask, metamask did not accept the password of my main account and I imported my main account to my metamask using seed. when this process completed, my trezor subaccount disappeared. When I chose add a new hardware wallet again and selected trezor, I couldn’t find the wallet address with my nft’s. Only the ethereum address with my coins in trezor. How can I use the wallet address with my nft’s in trezor again?

Anyone can Help me pls ?

Hi @cemrekorlu,

In case you can’t see the address with your funds in step “Select an account”, you connecting a different wallet to MetaMask. Either you have a different recovery seed in your Trezor or you use a different passphrase.

Generally, when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered, the same wallet (with the same set of addresses) is accessed. There is no exception, the public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result even when using different interfaces (such as Trezor Suite, MEW, MetaMask, Exodus…)

From your description, it looks like you used a different passphrase when you generated ETH address with your NFTs for the first time.

Please keep in mind that passphrase can be any word or any set of letters (in ASCII format and with 50 characters max), it is case sensitive, and empty space is also a valid character, please also think of a different keyboard layout you could have used.

You can read more about passphrase here:
and also in this post on our Trezor Blog: Passphrase — the Ultimate Protection for Your Accounts | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

Useful information can be also found in these videos:

Let us know whether you managed to find the right passphrase and access the address with your NFTs.