My Trezor (1st gen) doesn't find my Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash anymore

My Trezor (1st gen, latest firmware installed) doesn’t find my Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash anymore…
It can find my Ethereum.
But Bitcoin is stored in ancient format from 2013. (BCH from 2017, since hard fork)
Base58 (P2PKH)

but I know for sure that my coins are still there because I can see it on explorer …

Just Trezor Suite cannot find it.

UPDATE: it found my Bitcoins and Litecoins in “Legacy account”, but it fails to find my BCH. (which also should be in my legacy account)

How can I add “legacy BCH” account ?

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i still need help.
I lost access to legacy BCH coins

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Hi @Technologov,

Great to read that you managed to find your BTC in LTC in the Legacy (or Legacy SegWit) accounts.

Please, keep in mind that BCH use still the same derivation path. Only the format of the addresses slightly changed from Legacy format (for example 176VkqsCPopjHJeGyjeViQCezXbJoa8Ugk) to CashAddr format (for example bitcoincash:qppd444h9j3nuygxntyg8mnmrrnw8ux2j5x0w88sha). However, the derivation paths of these two examples are the same. You can use this tool to convert the format of the desired BCH address

Simply put, check if you see the address (although in a different format) in Trezor Suite (under your BCH account) as is the address with your funds. If not, then you are in a different wallet. Different wallets can be accessed if you store a different recovery seed in your Trezor device or if you use a different passphrase.