My new trezor one can not connect ▫

my new trezor one can not connect begin with mobile phone. I got the trezor one last week. I can’t use my android 10 phone. Changed the cable and still like the welcome screen.

I believe it its only the Model T that can connect via android/ios through green wallet. Im sure there are other wallets that support it.

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You need to use a PC (or a Mac) to install firmware on a freshly bought Trezor One.

After the first-time firmware installation, it should work fine on your phone.

The reason for this is that a new T1 does not support the WebUSB protocol that you need for phone connection. After the first firmware is installed, the WebUSB support is available, even for subsequent firmware upgrades.


Thank you very much, my computer is Windows 7. it can’t be done Is there another way? Or do I have to use Windows 8.1?

@Kriengkrai_Phumthong Windows OS is supported from version 10: Windows - Trezor Wiki

thank you so much. :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: