My First Transfer using Gemini & Model T


I’m new to crypto and trezor, looking forward to transferring my coins from Gemini to my new model T. Gemini states they take 7 days to approve new receiving addresses.

I’m kinda anxious about my first transfer from Gemini to my model T. Please let me know if this would be correct.

I would log into my account on Gemini, go to my portfolio, choose BTC, add my details, add my Trezor T receiving address into the Gemini Send feature and just hit SEND and confirm it.

My question is, when i generate my 1st receive address in the Model T/Suite, how long will that address be active? - If 7 day approval passes by, will my transfer still work? Will my Model T BTC receiving address still be able to accept the incoming transfer?

My other question is, if my first transfer works out OK, and i decide to transfer more BTC from Gemini to my model T, will my model T generate a new receiving address, or will it retain the receiving address from my first incoming transfer request.

Thanks in Advance.



Withdrawals from Gemini, you can always use your first address. No need to change to a new address.
The purpose of btc changing the address is to guarantee the privacy of the recipient. If you don’t worry about others knowing that this address belongs to you, and others pay you btc, you can also use this address to receive.