My Etherum Wallet in Trezor didn't received the coins

I sent ETH 0,08847301 from my exchange wallet from other provider to my Etherum Wallet in Trezor but didn’t received the coins.

Before, I sent some Bitcoins from the same provider to my Bitcoin wallet in Trezor and everything was fine but my ETH just never arrived to my Trezor wallet. Please help me because it looks like they just dissapear. And I double check the ETH address from my Trezor and everything looked perfect

Hi @Nicowm
the provided transaction is an “internal transaction”.

Internal transactions, despite the name, are not actual transactions. When two smart contracts "interact,’’ the product or consequence of this interaction is a transaction. However, that transaction does not exist on the ETH blockchain. They are value transfers that were initiated by executing a smart contract (smart contract Ether or token transfer). They are like a byproduct of smart contract functionality.

The reason why you cannot see this transaction in Trezor Suite is the backend that is used. Trezor Ethereum Blockbook at does not know internal transactions, therefore it is not possible to show them. We are considering adding it in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA when it could be.

Meanwhile, for this kind of transaction, you can use MetaMask (Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki ), MyEtherWallet (Apps:MyEtherWallet - Trezor Wiki ) or MyCrypto (Apps:MyCrypto - Trezor Wiki ). All of these applications are compatible with the Trezor device.

Thanks for the answer MichalZ.

Ok I understand that. But what happens with the coins or tokens in those “internal” transactions. They just dissapear? Or if I use the apps you mention before with my Trezor I would be able to see it?

Hi @Nicowm ,

yes, you just need a different application to see coins tokens. Since Trezor Suite cannot show them at the moment because of different backend. This might be available in the future.

OK that sounded…ye ha.

OK so in basic English now can you repeat that answer?
So when you transfer Eth to your Trezor it just won’t show up on the account and just says no Eth transactions.

Because I sent my Eth to trezor and I can’t see any transaction at all?

Without the technical space age jargin what exactly are you saying for the dumb and stupid like me?

Hi @Dunner

yes, the ETH in is in your Trezor but you cannot see it because this type of transaction is not supported in our SW.

Connect your Trezor to Metamas for example following this manual and you will see it:
(Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki)

Otherwise you can ask the exchange from where you sent ETH if they can send normal transactions.

Hey thanks for the reply.

OK now this isn’t as dangerous to use as Trezor?
May I also add, Trezor has a huge massive design flaw…it does not notify the user upon transaction to an account that if you send BTC to BTC Cash on Trezor its gone forever.
This is a huge huge huge flaw and why it hasn’t smashed Trezor to burnt sunder is beyond me.
Trezor also has Eth and Eth classic another unbelievably dangerous design flaw…Eth Classic and Eth…hardly a differentiating title.
So because of Trezor we have dones of crypto forever vanishing.
And don’t forget thats diminshing the value of crypto.
Very unhappy with Trezor and I hope watchdog clamps down on Trezor brick hard.

Not that I done that but Trezor and the geeks running it like most geeks…super smart but super stupid when it comes to basic common sense.

Also the meta won’t let me import wallet upon register.

This is way too complicated.
Even the technical jargon.
I have a feeling if I use this I’m going to lose my bitcoin.

Yep not showing up.
Great now I have to go try and get a lawsuit going for damages.
Thanks, Trezor!

Hi @Dunner

this is not an issue of Trezor . This can happen in any wallet you use because developers decide to use same address formats for new coins.

So if your issue is that you sent wrong coins to wrong address, then open the support ticket and we will help you in more detail:

If you have the same issue as the original question in this topic, with ETH not showing up, follow the Metamask manual again carefully to see your transaction.

I gained access to Ethereum to Meta Mask.
I tried sending a small amount of Ethereum but address failed?
What is the steps and process to send Ethereum from Metamask to Trezor?
And will the Ethereum show up on my trezor suite?
Any info would be a great help.

I have the same issue - it is an internal transaction and it does not appear in MEW or METAMASK. How do we see the transaction appear in the balance and turn it into a “normal” transaction?

@neilm30 your post has already been answered in different thread, please avoid cross-posting.
Thank you.