Sent Ethereum to Ethereum Classic: 10 Step Picture Instruction To Getting Your Ethereum Back

I am posting instructions for the newbies of crypto.

If you sent Eth on the wrong account first thing to do…relax…your Etheruem is there just chill out and don’t worry.

Don’t do what I did and listen to my mates who said it was gone forever.

I made these instructions in the hope you don’t take 2 or 3 hours working out the technicals having quadruple heart attacks and don’t worry it’s going to be fine.

And I hope it saves you some time to go to the pub.

So first thing:

  1. Go into your Trezor and on top beside Dashboard select accounts.

  1. Select Ethereum Classic account
    (If you don’t see Ethereum Classic account click on plus side beside “my accounts” and an option will display “activate more coins” and simply select “Ethereum Classic”…NOT ETHEREUM!!.. were reversing the process here)

  1. Now simply click on the receive tab and copy the address given to you and confirm on your actual Trezor hardware.

  1. Now go to

5.Go to “access my wallet”

  1. Now scroll down and tab number three select “hardware wallets” with Trezor written underneath it.

  1. Now select the Trezor tab on the next page. (Next step is where it got tricky)

  2. You should be on the page displaying “Select HD Derivation Path” with “Ethereum m/44’/60’/0’/0”,

But be aware you may have to select Ethereum Classic like me if the above selection doesn’t work and your address is still not showing. Simply click the arrow down symbol here

And then simply select here

Try either one. If you don’t see it the first time don’t worry simple select the one you didn’t choose last time.

  1. Click unlock wallet which can then allow you to access giving the option of passphrase…but be aware if “YOU DID NOT USE A PASSPHRASE DO NOT ENTER ONE” or if you did use a passphrase “ENTER THE PASSPHRASE”.

  1. You will see the address to which you sent your Etheruem before it got lost in cryptoland and apply it and you should be taken to your Ethereum.

If there is an issue with these instructions or you need some clarity just message me and I’ll change it or I’ll try to explain one to one how I done it.

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