My ballance shows zero in hidden wallet

I’am entering my hidden wallet, after a 8 months and do not see any balance.

Why does this happens?

I have not updated an app yet, but I need an access to my funds right now.

Please provide an answer ASAP.

Paraphrase is OK, rechecked

does the address you see there match the address from past transactions.
As in, it’s the address you expect?

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there is no history or anything…
shows that the wallet is empty…
there was a solid amount of bitcoin

Are you official representative of Trezor ?

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no just a fellow user,
so there would have been transactions of BTC to get the coin on to the trezor’s address.
What I’m saying is, track down those transactions and see if they match the trezor’s address list.
Just keep in mind that the nature of BTC is to change the incoming address after each transaction, but you should still be able to trace it back to the address. If the address don’t match the hidden wallet then you are using the wrong passphrase, which is the likely cause.


I just had a slight scare, when I just went in on my hidden wallet and it said it was empty.
The trezor suite had forgotten which blockchains I had enabled, when I enabled them, the funds came up.
However, since the ETH address of the trezor should never change, I save this address somewhere else in a text file and label it say Trezor T, then if there is any issue with the passphrase, I enter into the wallet and check the eth address again my text file. If it’s different, then probably a passphrase issue.


Do you know how I can get in contact with official support team?
Cant see any option on the website

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no idea.
have you looked at the addresses to try and work out if your doing it right?
If it is that the passphrase is wrong, then support can’t help you. These are secure devices, there isn’t a way around it. have you tried connecting to a 3rd party BTC wallet?

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Heii @Vlsak

Two possible reasons, one of them is the most probable.

1:you have not activated the desired coins so when trezor suite opens and searches the blockchain it doesn’t have any coins to find

2: the PASSPHRASE is not for the desired wallet, you are inputing a different passphrase of the one originally created. This is the most probable reason and the one that most often happens

A different one is if you see on the wallet outgoing transactions, this would mean someone took your funds.

Point 2 is most common and reported here on the forum,

Try and try again and again and figure out what you could be doing differently than your original setup…

As for support you can open a ticket on support page, it can take them one or two days max but they will reply


Hi @Vlsak,

First, I see that you already managed to open a ticket with our official support via our chatbot at

I also see that the issue has been caused by entering a wrong passphrase as @doge and @rimaS mentioned. I would like to mention that the information provided by these users is correct.

I’d just like to add that generally this problem can be also connected to a wrong recovery seed stored in the Trezor devices. It is always a good idea to check the recovery seed first. Information on how to perform this check can be found in these articles:

for Trezor Model One:
for Trezor Model T:
for Trezor Safe 3:

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My Trezor shows a balance of 0, it never managed to load the transactions I made, it always only showed 0.

If you have your seed you can always try btcrecover an open source software to make variations to your passphrase and check against your btc.

If you are not very familiar with coding you can always try iancoleman and manually change the passphrase to see if the address shows up. Most likely a typo.