My balance is 0, what happened to my btc? my coins are gone?

Hello there,
I havent logged in to my account since june 29, when i sent from my wallet on segwite accounts 1.09 btc to the other main one on the trezor menu that beggins bc1q****
So, when i sent the 1.09 from my account 1 to the 2 it was all ok, i could see the balance, after a month now im logged after the firmware updated, and i cant see my balance. i did updated, and receoverd every the backup phrase but still cant see my balance
Im really desesperated thats all my savings invested there and kept on hold.
Can you please help me out?

Estou no mesmo dilema, infelizmente já procurei varios contatos mas não, tem nem um suporte digno para esclarecer o ocorrido.

my ticket number is: 91203

I have exactly the same problem as several users here and what scares me is that I think they have not been able to solve any of them, I have time with my trezor One and I use it for very specific things, today I log in to check some balances and I take the surprise that several of my balances were incomplete or at zero, in the case of BTC it was incomplete and in the case of LTC totally at zero, I thought it could be due to firmware, update without problem but there was no solution, I checked the addresses in the blockchain of the wallets and the funds are still in place, I want to emphasize that it is not a security problem or scam, if the funds continue because they are not reflected? what’s going on? I dream of not disturbing anyone, I send an email and they tell me that I have to wait 20 days? I think it’s a bad joke…

Hello I’m having the exact same issue, were you ever able to get an answer? Really desperate.

Hi @humzaxhussain,

This thread is a year old and it’s doubtful that they’ll follow this thread now. Those who submitted a support ticket would’ve gotten their case handled by email directly to support and therefore typically not continued writing here. You may’ve luck reaching individual forum users by invoking their monicker, as I write yours in the greeting at the top in this message, so they’ll see it’s a mesage for them. That is, if they login to the forum at all.

Please check if your BTC funds are in the blockchain first:

I had that problem once before and somehow lucked into finding the money. That was about a year ago. But when I went back in TODAY once again the money was gone. This seems to happen to a LOT of people. I don’t understand why Trezor doesn’t have clear video tutorials explaining how this happens and how to correct it (that is, locate the money). You are a Distinguished user, Petosiris. Can you explain what I need to know.

I should tell you that I’ve already wiped and recovered my account, but to no avail.

Thank you,
William S.

Hi @Bill,

I can try and help, but we need to know more about your situation first since there could be many reasons for your problem. I’ll ask you some questions to try and narrow it down, OK?

  • Which Trezor device do you have, Trezor One or Trezor T?
  • Which Trezor software do you use, the desktop or the web version?
  • Are you able to find your funds in the BTC blockchain? (see above)
  • Can you describe what happened when you opened your wallet after a year, which made you decide to restore/recover it?
  • Did you update Firmware and Trezor suite software first, before attempting to restore your wallet?
  • Are you sure you used the correct Recovery seed to restore your wallet? You can check that your seed is correct with Trezor suite. Go to Settings → Device → Check backup.
  • Did you store your BTC in a Hidden wallet?
  • If so, are you sure you’re using the correct Passphrase to access it now?
  • Are you using MetaMask (MM) or other 3rd party site to interact with your Trezor wallet?

As I said, there could be many different causes to a wide topic like this, so there isn’t one video to rule them all, but there are videos on different topics that may help you anyway.

Such as this one, if you used a Passphrase for a Hidden wallet:

More video tutorials here:

All problems with lost funds are almost always user faults in some way. The Trezor hardware wallet is an advanced tool which can be very useful, but, as all things concerning your money, you have to know what you’re doing or face the risk of losing your funds. Knowledge is key, before you use Trezor.

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This just happened to me too after an update. I can see the transaction but can’t see the coins in my wallet