My all tokens were stolen

FYI security audit salaries fall within the $100,000-$250,000 range

fyi, it is usually per hour rate, so it depends on the amount of work, such huge number would be for some very large audit, you should look into it more.

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You’re right, let’s get together, the company lied and they stole a lot of money from my wallet, I don’t sleep at night

Hello everyone, I went into my wallet yesterday and discovered that someone emptied my wallet two weeks ago. I don’t understand how this is impossible because the wallet is secure. I need your help trying to find the bitcoin, it’s a lot of money, please someone help me. I am really desperate, I am of course willing to pay for the help.

Hei @dean1

Have you checked:

Outgoind transaction do you see?

Tokens/currency are activated?

Is it hidden or standard wallet?

What do you mean by the wallet is secure?

Which company?

Nov 5, 2023. My seed words are well protected I didn’t use a password. All my bitcoin and crypto site were stolen through unauthorized transactions in one day. Tresor can do something???
It’s a standard wallet, I see one transaction going out, is it possible to freeze the transfer or freeze the address which the bit was transferred?

I mean that this wallet should be secure

In this case there are only two ways

  • Someone had physical access to your wallet and transferred the money out.

  • Someone had access to your recovery seed words and used them to sweep your funds

Have you opened a support ticket with trezor?
If not you can open it on support

If you can/want, please post here the outgoing transaction ID someone can try to follow the money.

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I have already opened a support call, Ticket ID: 191487.
Also, I followed the transaction and saw that the coins were there. Is it possible to freeze this account? Can I report to International police? what can we do?
transfer to this address:

No I don’t think it’s is possible to freeze the account unless it goes to an exchange account.

Just wait for your reply on the support ticket it may take a little but they will respond

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I need them to answer me quickly so we can try to save the coins.