Missing crypto post firmware update

I was finally able to update the firmware and log into my Wallet but I only have BTC showing and not any other Crypto I had put in there. I have seen messages stating similar problems post updat. What is the resolution, does it just take time to generate post update…or can trezzor recall those made? Otherwise why trust this cold storage device further if crypto can be wiped out post software updates?

@SHAWNYk88 make sure you have enabled other crypto in the settings.

If you still have issues, then specify what coins are you looking for.

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You are absolutely right. I stumbled upon it in the middlenofnthe night just flipping through all the screens just checking things out. Silly it wouldn’t already display for at least those you have but either way…what a relief to see it show up!! Thank you for the response, I am sure any others will be able to beneift

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