Missing Bitcoin Crypto Funds

On 24 Dec, I transferred funds from Binance.US to my Trezor wallet, but they are not showing in my wallet balance.

Tx ID is:


Please help!

If you have transferred 0.04832 btc, then these btc have been sent from the address again.

You should check the balance and transfer records of your receiving address in the block.

hi @Hanshoflo
can you see the address bc1qzu8t2tn2… in your wallet when you connect to Trezor Suite ?
Also, do you use passphrase feature ?

@BtcLtc Thanks for the response. What do you mean? I can see the transaction on the blockchain, but the btc has not made it into my Trezor wallet—hence the problem. Not sure why this.


My Trezor support Ticket ID is 117587.

@MichalZ @BtcLtc

No, I cannot and do not see that address in my Trezor wallet—that’s the problem. I can see the transaction on the blockchain, but the bitcoin in not showing in my wallet. Also, no, I did not and do not use a pass phrase within my Trezor

Since you don’t see the address where you have sent your funds to and there is no Tx history in your account, you are accessing different wallet.

So you have most probably used passphrase without even realizing it.
Please note that the passphrase feature is enabled by default in Trezor Suite and you have two options of what type of wallet you want to access: Standard and Hidden (passphrase protected one).

If you have used Standard wallet and you still don’t see desired address then you are using different seed (device) than you used when generating that address in the first place.

Because when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered (if used), the same wallet is accessed.
There is no exception. It always generates the same wallet including the same accounts having the same addresses in the same order.
The public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result.


Sir, I know how to use the Trezor wallet, and I assure I have not used a pass phrase account or mistakenly send the funds to an address generated from the pass phrase part of my account.

The total rec’vd bitcoin amount is correct, but my balance does not reflect the funds. How do I fix this and get my bitcoin balance corrected??

If you access the same wallet (where you have previously sent your funds to) and you have desired bitcoin account enabled in the wallet interface you will be able to access and manage your funds.

Please note that you can also use 3rd party wallets such as Exodus or Electrum.


I am accessing the same wallet that I previously sent my other funds to, and the transaction we are discussing is just not there—hence my issue. So, how do I get my funds? Do I need to contact Binance.US and tell them to reverse the transaction…since my funds never reached their correct destination wallet? Can Trezor reverse the transaction?

Bottom line…this transaction has been verified on the blockchain but I have not rec’vd the funds to my wallet…how do I correct this?

Also, why are you suggesting I use another 3rd party wallet? How will those wallets fix this particular issue? Are you suggesting I should stop using the Trezor?

All I want is to recover my funds, respectfully.

The issue is that you are not accessing the same wallet that you have previously sent your funds to because of what has been mentioned before (the address is not in the wallet you are accessing now, nor any Tx history).

Please note that all wallets, accounts, addresses are derived from your private key represented by your recovery seed and passphrase (if used).
So if different seed or passphrase (or both) is used, different wallet is accessed and that is your case as well.

What, in my professional opinion, is most likely to have happened is that you have created the receiving address (that you have used to receive funds from binance) in hidden wallet assuming you use only one device/one seed.
So now you have to access that wallet by entering exactly the same passphrase as you did at the first place. I would suggest trying to use your PIN code as it is often what user mistakes the passphrase for.

That wouldn’t be of any help because once the transaction is confirmed it can’t be reverted. Please note that the funds have reached the address you have provided as you can see on the blockchain explorer, now you just have to enter the same wallet where the address was created.

We can not. Trezor company is not a bank or money transmitting institution, we do not make the payments, nor have we control over the transactions or your accounts. You are the only one who has control over your access information - the private keys represented by your recovery seed.

I am not suggesting to stop using Trezor. Suggestion to using 3rd party apps paired with your Trezor was just a reaction to what you have mentioned here:

If the balance is not correct it might be the issue of the interface not displaying the balance correctly (because for example the wallet is not able to connect to backend servers) but since you are clearly entering different wallet (because BTC was successfully transferred to the address which can be verified on blockchain explorer) this is not the case.

I am experiencing the same problem. I transferred BTC from Kraken to my Trezor wallet. I have email verifying address for delivery and transaction from Kraken showing delivery, but BTC is not in my wallet and delivery address doesn’t come up on search in Trezor.

Please help me understand what you are saying about the pass phrase? How can I locate the BTC that is missing?

Where did you get the outgoing address you entered on Kraken in the first place?

Could you please open a ticket using this form and share there the TxID of the transaction in question?
Also please get back to me here with a ticket ID once it is submitted, thank you.

New razor user and I just had the same problem … I transferred BTC, I have the confirming transfer doc (from FTX) I have looked through my account list both standard and hidden but still do not find any of the transfer which I believe originally showed in the account balance… …could setting up a sigwit account be part of the problem? I don’t seem to be able to find that… The account tabs are a bit confusing for a new user and of course having 90% of my transfer missing in the name of security does induce some panic. I need to open a support ticket and can’t seem to find a place to do that… Please advise.