MATIC showing as Token in Ethereum Wallet

Hello, I’ve withdrew MATIC to my Trezor ETH wallet address. Transaction completed but I do not see a total value in the wallet. I just see that I have MATIC tokens.

Is it possible to see what my MATIC is worth on the CHART?

Also, If i wanted to withdraw Ethereum to my Ethereum Wallet on my Trezor, should I generate a new Ethereum wallet address, or can I use the one that accepted the MATIC. Should I keep MATIC and Ethereum in seperate wallet addresses, or is OK for both coins/tokens to be in one Ethereum wallet.

That’s fine. Because you choose erc20 chain to receive, MATIC can only be token.
If you choose the above chain to receive, then you need to use the trezor and metamask connection.

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this is ok.
It is recommended that you keep it together. Because when you want to send MATIC out, you need eth to pay the gas fee.

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Hi @dec0der

This is expected as Trezor Suite will show you only the balance of ETH coin (and its equivalent in fiat currency of your choice).
The balance of ERC20 tokens can be seen when you go to token tab as shown on the screenshot that you have provided.

It is entirely up to you however as BtcLtc pointed out you are going to need some ETH on the same address anyway If you would like to transfer your ERC20 tokens (as you’ll need to cover the gas fees).