Lost with the seeds , phrase,

Hello, sorry I’m lost
I have a model T since 3 years and i have “some” handwritten papers by myself with i suppose are the seeds. Sorry i’m a newbie
is it normal i have 5 times a list of different 20 words ?
how many of these 5 lists do i need to recover ? i did the test and it succeed with 3 list
is this related to shamir ?

Thanks for you help

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that’s a 3-of-5 Shamir backup all right. if the test recovery succeeded with 3, that means that any 3 shares together will recover your wallet.

You’re not supposed to have them all on yourself though. By which I mean, it will work just as well, but if defeats the purpose.

What you’re supposed to do is (a) store each share in a different place, or (b) give them each to a different person, or any combination thereof.

For example: keep (1) at home, (2) at your parents’ house, (3) at your spouse’s parents’ house, give (4) to your best friend, and put (5) in a bank safe storage.

If any two of the houses burn down, you will still be able to recover with the other three. And at the same time, your best friend can’t steal your money unless he cooperates with your old folks and your spouse’s old folks.

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Thanks a lot ! now i understand well

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i have a guide which might help