Guide for HW wallets

1)buy your wallet direct from manufacture(is it worth saving a couple of bucks for the risk?)

  1. generate a SEED+if using a Passphrase ontop write it/them down make more than 1 copy(test every copy) keep separated encase a bad person finds 1 half(peridolycy check these to make sure exerting is ok)

3)do a small test transaction you will pay an extra GAS FEE but its better to sacrifice $5 than $1000

4)if using meta mask & opensea (create 2 NEW wallets for each) 1 will be buying sell 1 team at a time the 2nd is for deep storage(this means if a bad smart contract empties THE WALLET ADDRESS) damage is limited
also set these up within the HW this is for safety (have seen case where meta mask added an UNKNOWN PASSPHRASE)

1 deep STORAGE (never connect to any 3rd party site)
2 meta mask trading(1 item at a time for safety of bad contracts emptying wallet out)
3 nft trading same as wallet 2 transfer things in &out manually
4 meta masks tokens DEEP STORAGE

golen rules

  1. test seed & passphases often as well as when setting up

  2. test translations in & out of every wallet
    always get the address from the Receive tab and check device display screen make sure everything matches up before hitting SEND

  3. inline with 2 its better to lose $10 in fees than lose all funds in 1 wrong translation

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Can you go a little in-depth on smart contracts?

Example is the only way to lose phones are NFT’s for about smart contract and unlimited spend or a malicious website link?

If you checked with revoke before making any deposit and everything was fine, you wouldn’t be able to lose anything that was deposited into it. Therefore as soon as you move into deep storage it’s safe

I would like admin to explain a bit about smart contracts as well

As I’ve mentioned middlemen account just for trading

Sorry, I have only cursory knowledge of the inner workings in Smart Contracts.
You’d have to ask a crypto software developer about that.
Or you can google it. That’s what I’d do. :slight_smile: