Lost Passphase, I really need your help

Hi, everyone. I need your help.
I lost my Passphase.
I’m so excited to have a hardware wallet in the first time. And I didn’t learn well enough. I put the hidden wallet (without knowledge) into my Ronin wallet.

Then it show some random password, something like ‘12dsadk921dskac21o…’ so I didn’t know that what it was. Then I press ‘confirm’ and it show some hidden wallets.

I connected the hidden wallet with random password (Passphase) and do some transaction into the wallet. It went well nothing happened. BUT when I want to withdraw some crypto from it… it was failed.

I just know not too long ago. That the Passphase was put in it in the first time.

My question is

  • How to recover it or see the Passphase in my trezor PLEASE?

@Tyme2539 it is not possible to reset or recover passphrase

It sounds like your browser auto generated this for you and you just entered it. I suggest to check out your saved passwords in the browser/google

If you cannot find it, your funds are lost