Lost address Lost original address after reset

The original address cannot be retrieved after reset. I remember the address but cannot find it in the newly added list., what should I do?

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Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

I’m sorry you’re having this issue after resetting your wallet. Did you recover the wallet using your seed phrase? What Trezor device are you using?

Are you referring to a cryptocurrency address? Which crypto are you trying to restore? Additionally, are you using Trezor Suite? If the same seed phrase was used, the same exact wallet will be generated. However, if you used a passphrase and there was a hidden account, you’ll need the correct seed phrase and passphrase to generate the wallet with the original addresses.

Please provide more details, and we’ll try to assist!

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HI Lucien:
First of all, thank you for your help. Yes, I used seed phrase to restore my wallet. The device I’m using is a Trezor Model T.
I want to restore the address of the meta mask wallet. I have done some staking projects and I need to use this wallet to get back my pledged coins.Thanks again for your help.

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Who can help me?please

did you have a passphrase on the wallet as well as a seed phrase?

I have tried but failed

Try your passphrase very carefully. This is most likely a typo

Is your seed taking you back to the original wallet for the standard wallet?

A1: Yes, I’m sure I entered it correctly because I tried many times

A2: No, he didn’t take me back to the original wallet