Locked hardware? (model one)

I have a technical question about Trezor model one. I have been using it for a while, had a firmware update. Trezor Bridge is installed, running the latest suite. Yet when I plug the Trezor Model one into my computer, First a padlock apears then the screen saver appears on the device. And thats all.
My questions:

  1. Could I have locked the device? How can I unlock it? I know the PIN, I have the seed.
  2. If I wipe my device, and recovery my wallett will my crypto wallets and currencies be lost? Or not?
    Thanks a lot.

@solako try web version here: https://suite.trezor.io/web/

there is no screensaver, you should see the PIN matrix in Suite right away. Or is your device not recognized?

you cant loose your coins if you wipe as long as you have correct seed

I have the same issue! I have either Lock or a question “Do you really want to lock your Trezor?”. And even if I press “Cancel” I still have this lock… heelp me, please :pray:t3:

the lock screen is Trezor logo, it does not mean it’s locked, just go back to Suite and it will work.