Latest firmware update

Hi there.

The latest March firmware update asks to download firmware and then once done it then asks again for another download.

Is this correct? Pretty sure that previously it was one download only.


Hi @Soprano,

the process of firmware update is described in this article: and in the video that can be found here: How to update firmware on Trezor devices

After the firmware is updated, there is nothing else that needs to be downloaded.

Thanks @radekP

I’ve read the article and watched the film but they don’t show the full user journey.

I noticed on the latest update that it asked me to install download, and then once downloaded, it asked for a second download. I followed the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

From memory this wasn’t the case on previous software updates so I want to check it’s legit and there is no security risk/risk of hacking.

Downloading twice seemed odd vs previous firmware updates that only downloaded once.

Can you please confirm that the new update does ask to download twice.

Many thanks

It is possible that the update of Trezor Suite app was first and then you were asked to update firmware in your Trezor. Are these the two downloads you mentioned?

You can check the version of firmware installed on your device in “Settings” (the gearwheel symbol in the top right corner of Trezor Suite) under the “Device” tab (section “Firmware”), the latest firmware versions are 1.12.1 for Trezor Model One and 2.5.3 for Trezor Model T.

If you have the latest version of firmware and there are no error messages during the connection of your Trezor device with Trezor Suite, you don’t need to worry. The correct signature of firmware version is checked by bootloader of the Trezor every time you connect the device.

Thanks @radekP

It was definitely for the firmware on trezor rather than the suite.

It asked to download, then after downloading it asked again for another download, I proceeded with it but previous updates only had one download. So I want to check that what I experienced is correct.

Thanks again

Yes, this is normal. In some cases, such as this most recent update, you first need to install a small “intermediate” image on the Trezor, and afterwards the upgrade itself can proceed.

For that matter, I’m 100 % sure you were not asked to “download” anything twice. You would, however, have to confirm “install firmware” twice. This is why @radekP is giving you confusing answers.


Ah, I see.

Thanks for your help

Trezor one after updating to version 1.12.1, the wallet entered the bootloader mode, there are finances in the wallet, there may be an error when entering the recovery number. Is it possible to return to the old firmware version, which will allow me to receive funds?