Labels not showing in export files

Hi, we use the trezor for our business and have been relying on the exports from the old wallet which show each transaction on a separate line with its associated label. The new suite now exports transactions in groups and does not show labels. Is there any way to get labels working again in the export files? Also, is it possible to have them export with one row per transaction, rather than grouping?

it has been fixed

How do I get this build? It doesn’t appear to be in the public release?

yes, it is ,latest version is always here

That is the version I am using and it does not export labels. Also it still groups transactions rather than 1 per line like wallet always did which makes it very hard to pull out specifics.

QA is testing it, let’s wait

Hi, any luck? Also is there any way I can help test with a beta build or something?