Issue with Sign new contract in Opensea

I have seen so many people complaining about this same issue.
Before you say trezor didn’t support NFT, you are wrong. I been using Trezor for NFT almost a year now, it works just fine in opensea and ronin wallet.

Now that Opensea have a new whole contract, i can’t sign new contract, the popout notification that i usually get failed to open and automatically say " You declined the action in your wallet. "
But this only not work in Opensea, it works fine in other marketplace.
I think we need quick solution in this, i have like 100+ friends using trezors too and facing the same problem.

Admin and mods need to do quick work here, many people losing so much money because they can’t list their NFT. This is urgent situation, please take this seriously.


Facing same issue, anyone knows how it can be fixed yet?

Yes need help with this issue this is really nerve-wrecking please help!!

I have the same issue. Please Trezor team fix this I can’t list my NFTs.

Please see following statement:

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