Issue with OpenSea signing offers and listings

Looks like OpenSea/MetaMask having issues with Trezor and signing offers/listings now. The below just fails. Browsers, different computers, different wallets, no difference. Other users reporting issues on Twitter.

Not sure if related to MM support for Add EIP-712 support for Trezor:

Small Twitter thread:


Yes I’m having this exact issue as well! It’s very annoying now I can’t list anything on Opensea because I can’t get past this step.

Really need this to get up and running. Not sure if anyone from the dev team can help?


same i’m having a same problem as well
can’t list anything on my open sea,
can’t mint
my mint is about to be end 12 hours


can some mods / support attend to this?
a lot of my friends with trezor can’t do this as well
this sort of problems need to be fixed ASAP


Same issue, can’t sign contract. Lose so much money because i mint projects and cannot list quickly. RIP


I’ve got the same problem! Please do something!


Seems to be Metamask… again. I love my Trezor, way more than my Nano S, but the continuous support lag is frustrating.


Having same issue with this. Cant list anything on OS now. Anyone know of a temporary workaround this?

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No, the issue is not solved. Still a problem for mee. I can buy, transfer etc, but not listing !

Please drop a Telegram link ?

this is a scam, not official mod, do not follow on that number

I have the same problem?

Hi guys,

Please note that Opensea has apparently rolled out new contract that requires EIP 712 signing:

EIP-712 is fully supported on both Trezor devices so the issue is now on MetaMask side.

This is the PR that needs to be merged, integrated into MetaMask and deployed: (edited)

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I still cannot do it, always automatically rejected come on guys, is there a way to push metamask to fix this quick?
one quick question @Michalz

is there a way to unlink ( wallet ) from trezor?
so I just can list my NFTs and able to mint?
For god sake, I had 2 WL Mint tomorrow, and its both listed in my trezor wallet
yesterday I already miss my " Roborovski " mint
because I can’t sign a contract in NFT Mint, resulted that I dont get that mint

is there a way to remove trezor temporarily? while keeping that wallet address?

Please note that we do not develop nor maintain third party wallets/apps so there is not more we could do in this matter. The ball is on MetaMask’s side now.

To answer you questions:

There is no way how to “unlink wallet” from Trezor.
The only way how to move tokens from one address to another (e.g. out of Trezor) is by regular transaction.

please check this, we all having problems, cannot mint our whitelist, cannot sell our nft in OS

can you give me a guide on that? or a tutorial to do that?

@MichalZ please help bro, I’m out of options here
how to move my hardware wallt to a different wallet?

For example wallet 1 ( hardware trezor )
wallet 2 normal,

can I move the hardware status to wallet 2, so my wallet 1 can mint normally?
Pleaseee Help

This has already been addressed in my previous post.
You can move your funds only by regular transaction (which you are now not able to sign since MetaMask has to finish EIP712 support first)

so there is no way to remove, unlink or transfer my " Trezor Protection " to other wallet?

if you’re familiar in NFTs you know Whitelist used " address " to be able to mint

well my trezor is what I filled that with
so I’m pretty much fuc´ed now, pardon the language,

so I’m asking is there a way to remove my trezor?
like unlink it, or stop trezor protection for a while?

so I can mint it and do a bunch of transactions, until this issues is fix