Is it possible to create a seed with no internet?

Let’s say i have downloaded Trezor suite on my desktop, can i then make a factory reset and create a new seed (wallet) tho i am offline ?

Question is: can i create the seed offline ?

Thank you.


You can try this:

Not oficial trezor link so do your own research

You can also look up on trezor site for trezor CTL

Hope this helps

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The thing is i was creating a new seed and when i was finished making the seed i saw that the ethernet cable was not plugged in to the computer.
So the computer was offline the whole time i was creating the seed. ( i do not have wifi )

But i still managed to create the seed and the wallet is working fine right now.

How was that possible ?

I don’t think that you net to be connected to generate a seed on your trezor. In fact I am almost certain that you can use your Trezor device to generate seed recovery words without being connected.

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There is no online component to creating the seed.

Suite app as a whole dislikes it when you don’t have internet – but if you start Suite, unplug the cable, and then start the wallet creation flow, it will just work.


Thank you @matejcik for clarifying

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matejcik and rimaS thank you very much. Happy new year :fireworks:

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