Invalid Seed every time

Hi guys, im having problems with my Trezor One.

One mont ago i buy it, set up, write my seed securily x 2 , and re check like 5 times.
I use the simulator to check my seed, and the first times it say me invalid, at the end it say me correct.
I put my crypto in the wallet, and all was ok.
Today i need to format my pc, and before i say , okey … lets try the seed.
ALWAYS invalid, try the 12/18/24 , the advanced … i try in the web and suite. The panic come to me, thanks god i can transfer all my coins to trust wallet.

I format the PC, reinstall windows, wipe the trezor and create a new wallet … i wrote with my wife the 24 word in ordear appear in the display. We check x3 times the order and the words… i verify the seed with the simulator, and invalid again.

Whats going on? can be damaged?


there are few things which I would check. Make sure you always select the right amount of words for the dry run recovery - 12 or 18 won’t work for 24 words seed. If you have any other keyboard language installed, make sure you are pressing the right letters. Also, when you write them down on the seed card, the order of words goes by columns, not rows. Seed words are always taken from the BIP39 word list: bips/english.txt at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub. No other words are part of it (unless you use Shamir backup) which means no other words can be part of the seed.

Hi Kolin, thanks for the reply.

The 24 words dident work for the 12/18 recovery option? The model T only offer me 24 word once i set up.


Trezor model T offers you to create 12-word seed by default, Trezor model One offres you to create 24-word seed by default. If your seed has 24 words, you need to select 24 word option for the recovery, for 12-word seed you need 12 word option and so on. Feel free to check these articles about recovery seed. This may clarify your issue. Let me know if this helped.