Install Trezor Suite on another laptop and open the Trezor one wallet already initialized on previous laptop

I had been using my Trezor One with the Trezor Suite Desktop app on a laptop that broke
If I install Trezor Suite Desktop on another laptop, when I connect the wallet, will the balance be seen directly or do I have to recover the wallet? Which are the steps one-by-one I need to follow? Is there any tutorial to help me? Thank´s a lot, guys

Hello Mario,

When you connect your Trezor to another laptop with Trezor Suite, the standard wallet contained in the device will be visible directly. The public keys are shared upon connecting, and the blockchains are scanned to find your balance. Trezor Suite will automatically detect all your accounts with a balance, if the cryptocurrencies are activated in Trezor Suite. If there is no account with a balance for an activated cryptocurrency, Trezor Suite will show an empty account.

Simply install and open Trezor Suite on the new laptop, plug in your Trezor device, and enter your PIN to unlock it.

Let us know if you find your accounts on the new laptop without any issues; we’re here to help!