Inable to access funds due to software glitch


I’m facing a critical issue with my Trezor wallet where a Dogecoin address was generated using the Bitcoin xpub. Here are the details:

  1. Initial Action: I used the Trezor Lite mobile app synced with the desktop suite to recieve dogecoin. I had zero doge in the account prior to this operation and I did not recieve through the desktop suite. I rather used my lite app to sync the dogecoin xpub from the suite and then generate the receive address from the lite app. The problem is that the doge funds show up in Doge Account 1 in the lite app but the desktop suite is empty!
  2. XPUB Issue: The xpub shown for Dogecoin in the Lite app is identical to the Bitcoin xpub in both the Lite app and desktop suite, but different from the Dogecoin xpub in the desktop suite.
  3. Address Generation: The generated Dogecoin address starts with ‘DZ’ and is not a Bitcoin address. It appears correctly on blockchain explorers.
  4. Resulting Problem: Due to this, I’m unable to access the Dogecoin sent to this address. I can see it on the lite app but no more.

This seems to be an error on Trezor’s part in address generation and xpub synchronization between the mobile and desktop applications. I would appreciate guidance on how to recover my Dogecoin or any steps to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your support.

My ticket ID to which I have yet to recieve any reaponse is: 196237

Correction. The Doge address starts with D7z3

We apologize for the delay in responding to your ticket (ID: 196237). Due to high demand, our response time has been longer than usual. We appreciate your patience.

Rest assured, a support agent will attend to your issue soon.

By the way, looking at the address on the doge explorer, this is paths that is shown: