I'm having an issue with my Model T and the Trezor Suite

Hello all, Just a little info about what I’m working with. I have the Model T, and I’ve never setup a Hidden wallet.

I used the Trezor Suite oh about maybe a month ago. No more then 2. Today I fired up my Suite and hooked up my Model T only to find BTC showing in my Suite. I panicked somewhat and stumbled around looking a different things and it looks like I had to add my tokens back? I still feel like I’m missed some… Also my graph is not right and only shows Jun and Aug? Needed to say it’s a bit of a nuisance.

One, how did this happen? It looks like it made me make a new wallet? because in all activity all I see is the things from today’s date? What happen and how do I get my data back or can I even?

If you reset your device, it would have asked you to create a new wallet or import the old one. If you had created a new wallet, you would have been given a new list of seed words to write down.

I wonder if it was just a reset of Trezor Suite? Suite may have gone back to the default of only showing Bitcoin as an enabled account. If you enable the other coins you use, the balances for each should all be there, associated with this same wallet.

Hope that helps

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No it’s been with every update. It just wipes out everything?

Anyone have anything about this?

EVERY update this keeps happening. Can someone please explain to me why this is going on when it never happened before. It’s starting to get on my nerves.

only happens if you used different computer, or switched between app and web version, otherwise your selected coins remain there.

It’s not, It’s the same PC and I did not even know there was a web version? But with every update I have to go back and add all my crypto. All but bitcoin?