I need HELP! I Lost All My 11.79 BTC

Ticket: 182467

When I plugged in my Trezor yesterday all my 11.79BTC is gone!! My wallet has been drained. Nothing wrong my seed phrase, password or my device since they are all safe in storage and sealed. Here is the details of my issue:

  1. i never wrote the seed phrases online.

  2. nobody has access to the where the 24 phrases were written. i can confirmed this since the seal has not broken and i stored it in somewhere really safe.

  3. i realized i lost all my 11.79 BTC today when i use my trezor on desktop. i have never use it on smart phone.

  4. I found out on August 10th an unauthorized transaction happened which transfer all my BTC from my legacy account.

  5. the transaction seems weird “like joint transaction”, my transaction usually from one address to another.

  6. I bought my trezor model One in July 2016 and it has been safe ever since and i did not change my seed phrase.

  7. Im not a tech guy so i have difficulities understanding the transaction. But as i far as i know, it showed unusual transaction.

  8. So i really hope anyone can advise me on what is really happening & what should i do next. Is it possible for me to get my BTC back? I can reward 40% of my total BTC for those who are able to get it all.


Heidi @Waja

Sorry to here this…

Where did you purchase your trezor? Official Ressler or trezor.io

The only two options for moving funds are:

1 Someone had access to your recovery seed words

2 someone had to your device

Best to wait for ticket response though


i bought from tezor io officially and the packaging has sticker with barcode. definitely not option 2 since the device stored safely. i wrote the recovery seed words and sealed & stored it safely. i have never share the seed phrase online. it seems impossible but what if there is a way to figure out my 24 seed phrase combination and hack my account. i dont know before but may be there is now. i can share the transaction link.

This like you said is literally infeasible…
It would take thousands of years to get the correct combination. “It like 2to the power of 256bits, something like this, very very very hard to crack. Like you would have to search in the entire cosmos.
It is larger than the number of atoms in the universe…”

In the meantime you can check this post How I lost my address with 10 years of savings (not found yet) Trezor + MetaMask

He is still trying to get his words, but he hasn’t given up yet

Just wait for the ticket reply, it can take a little while but you will get your response