I can't use my trezor in metamask (first use)

It’s my first time using Trezor and I haven’t slept since yesterday because I sent 85 avax to the trezor 1 account yesterday.

When I try to swap or transfer to myself again, it opens the screen to export public key and then closes and the transaction does not happen.

I can’t return it to my other accounts and I can’t swap either… Please help me here are all my savings

make sure you are connected to Avax chain, disable adblock and make sure any popups in your browser are not blocked.

Also update Metamask and your Trezor. Try different browser.

Thanks Forgi, I already checked all this and this error appears.

Swap failed: Error: Unknown address

I just installed trezor on another pc to check if the problem was my computer and the wallet that is on my main pc does not appear to import to the new pc.


This trezor account does not appear in any of the 50 accounts

that means you are using wrong passphrase, it has been discussed on the forum many times.

You have to enter correct passphrase to enter the same address.

Thanks Forgi, but I just installed and used it.

on the other computer I didn’t even use seed, I just plugged it in and it already pulled 50 accounts but none was the account I had sent the 85 avax

it simply means you are not connected to the correct address because of passphrase

standard wallet is entered if you leave the field empty, I suggest to read the topic I linked.

also, you don’t use the seed when using metamask, you have to pair it with Trezor ( there is difference between seed and passphrase)

friend, thank you for your attention.
but the address I sent these avax are not paired in my trezor.

It’s in my metamask, but not paired with trezor.

Is there any possibility that I can withdraw these tokens from this account?

I says Trezor 1, so it is from trezor.

that is exactly the issue, you are not connected to it, you only see it MM because it allows that but id does not allow to send because of passphrase

It’s ok, I’m crying friend, I don’t know if it’s from anger or sadness, I have a passphrase written down and she doesn’t open this account that I transferred. Just tell me if I can somehow return this money to a non-trezor account

your only option is to find correct passphrase.

Check every possible spelling, capital letters special characters…

I didn’t even put a passphrase on that account… I don’t understand…

you just said you did

it is enabled by default…if you ever saw this pop up and entered something in there then you created passphrase:


when I go to the defi, the option to export public key appears

after that the trezor screen closes and is loading the swap and the operation does not happen.

Is this when the password should appear?

Hi friend, the problem is solved! I’m really relieved!

Let me leave my message here for newbies like me.


Thanks for your patience Fogi!

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