I can't find my trezor metamask wallet

Hello I have a big problem that happened to me recently, I bought a trezor, I configured it, linked it with metamask, activated the first address (trezor 1), I transferred my money and left it. After a few days when I wanted to make a transaction I could not and also did not find my wallet address, does anyone know a solution? I am scared.

You can try to install mm in other browsers, connect to trezor, and find your address among the candidate addresses.

Always use the suite first before using other wallets!

Hi @Feliex13, have you recovered your wallet with a seed recently? Do you perhaps use the passphrase feature? If you can no longer see your receiving addresses, you are in a wrong wallet. That is caused either by having a wrong seed in Trezor, or by typing an incorrect passphrase.

I can not find it anywhere, I have tried many things read in the forums, I have deactivated passphrase, hidden wallet, third party program (My etherWallet) (MyCrypto) and iancoleman-io but it is not anywhere, I do not know what to do.
my wallet (trezor1) 0x2D9826905e3a327AE8B0A41147f6D1185067df7a

the first address should wiil be the eth wallet in suite

do you remember your passphrase ?

this appears in etherium suite 0xbb489Fc5906ea330d722567dAd62A407A962F6eB, but not is my waller :frowning:

It is impossible that I have placed another one because I would get an error and do not check the duplicate box in the password

lost wallet dfgdfgdfg

wallet changed dfgdfd

Have you created a hidden wallet?

the first time create it in standard wallet, then create hidden to test

so where is this ?in a hidden or a standard ?

the first time created it in standard wallet

did you try what i told you to ?

yes I did, I tried another computer as well and it doesn’t appear, I’m sad

If your seed has not changed and it is a standard wallet, after adding the bnb chain, it should be easy to find this address.

The worst thing is that it is frozen, but at the time of making the transaction it asks me to connect trezor, then when I accept it freezes again and it appears “failed 0 error”

but how do i find it? that is my question :frowning:

I suggest you try spaces as passphrases.

I never use the bsc chain to store coins.
When I use my trezor, I first connect to the suite, address 1 appears, and then verify the correctness of the passphrase twice, then connect MM and trezor, and look for address 1 as my wallet.