I can’t withdraw ELON ( unknown by Trezor T ERC20 ) from the wallet to exchange

Hello ! Newbie here and really need help . Look like I made a mistake ……. May be even two . I sent Elon(ERC20) and Shiba directly to Trezor suite but tonight I decided to send Elon back to Kucoin exchange but unfortunately my Trezor T device showing a different address with the one was provided by Kucoin ( for receiving) and identified it as unknown token .
Could you PLEASE help me ? I know you are very busy right now , but may be someone could find a few minutes for a crying girl .

Hi @Leo

Not sure what is the issue over here, are you having troubles accessing the token (you don’t see the transaction in your Trezor) or sending it out of the wallet?
Either way always make sure you use right combination of seed and passphrase (if enabled and used) that will always lead to the same wallet, also that you have entered correct contract address when adding the token (0x761d38e5ddf6ccf6cf7c55759d5210750b5d60f3) and you have enough ETH for gas when transferring tokens.

Hi there ! Thank you very much for replying . Unfortunately I sent two unsupported ERC20 tokens to Trezor suite using Trezor T device, I use a hidden wallet . I am sure the hidden wallet is not a problem.
Here is what happened. I didn’t add contact addresses manually before sending this tokens-Elon and Shiba to Trezor suite . Both are unsupported ERC20 tokens .
Last night I got a receiving Elon address provided by exchange ( I have more Elon tokens there) but when I tried to send it from Trezor suite , my Trezor T device showing a different/wrong address ( not a receiving address) during transaction , During this unsuccessful transaction Trezor T was saying that’s is unknown token . This was displayed on Trezor T device together with not matching receiving exchange address.
But this unknowing token ELON and also Shiba token are showing in my Trezor suite ( in ETH tokens ) and displaying also a price change and correct amounts .
I saw that people have similar issues with unsupported ERC20 tokens sent to ETH address in Trezor suite but unfortunately all I saw was suggested is manually to add a contract address for each unsupported token to a Trezor suite , but when I tried to do it my Trezor suite saying tokens/contract address is already added ( what I never did manually before sending this tokens to my Trezor suite ) .
What should I do ?
I am a newbie.
If it will be helpful to understand my problem, U use a Trezor suite fir my Trezor T device and everything updated in time . This is my first experience with unsupported ERC 20 tokens .
Please help !

The issue is that I can’t send Elon and Shiba out of the wallet to the exchange.Trezor T device showing a wrong address when I try to send it out , it’s not matching the address I need to send it to .
I tried to add a contract number to ERC20 but I am getting a message that contracts already added .
I am afraid to connect my wallet to a Metamask ,wallet , as I read that some members lost all other funds in a Trezor just doing that . I really need a help but no one is replying , it was already 5 days after I made this post , and I am just waiting that eventually and hopefully and when it’s not too late someone will reply me , otherwise I will have to move out all my funds out of the wallet to try to connect my Trezor to Metamask wallet .

Hi @Leo what exact error message do you get when you trying to send tokens out of your Trezor?
Are you sure you have correct destination (receiving address) ?
Also please try connecting your Trezor to Metamask or MEW and try sending your tokens from there.
(don’t worry you can’t loose your funds connecting your device to 3rd party app as long as you have your recovery seed and correct passphrase).

Hey did you have this issue sorted ? I probably will have the same issue when sending to exchange as I also didn’t add token adress before sending .
They are all showing on my eth wallet but I think I will have issues transferring back .

adding ERC20 token (its contract address) manually into Suite after the tokens are being send there does not affect the ability of sending them out afterwards.
As long as they are showing in your account and you have enough ETH to pay for gas fees, you can send them.

Thank you . So if I can add all my erc20 coins this way to rrezor suites , why would I have to add metamask a third party wallet to trezor ? Sorry I am just a bit confused .

Also if I have 3 different coins under account 1 eth I have the same adress , is it correct ?

If you are able to see them all you don’t need third party app in order to send them.

This is optional but there is nothing wrong about it:
Please note that Trezor Suite will let you create new ETH address only if the previous one has already been used. So it is up to you if you’d like to have your tokens on different accounts/addresses but you have to use first address first so you can add the second one and so on…
However you can have all the tokens on one ETH account/address as well :wink:

Thank you so much makes sense now . I was worried that all my 3 different tokens are under the same eth adress . So if for example I want receive floki inu from the exchange, tell me please if that’s correct . So do I just go to receive ETH and send from exchange? That’s it ? Or would you recommend adding contract adress ?
I want to try avoid using 3rd party apps to connect to my trezor , for now anyway .

yeah you will have to enter contract address of this token as it won’t be recognized automatically. But you can send it first and add it afterwards because every ERC20 token can be recognized by Trezor firmware (you can always conveniently check if the token is ERC20 by looking it up on etherscan or coinmarketcap).

Please just keep in mind that if you are going to use different ETH addresses for your tokens you might come to the limit: Trezor Suite shows you only first 10 ETH addresses so if you use more you would have to access those addresses via 3rd party apps anyway (don’t worry though, using 3rd party apps is as safe as using Trezor Suite. Your private keys are always securely kept on your device).

Ok I got it thank you! Also I am trying to understand why we need to add an ether wallet to trezor if we can store all erc20 tokens under eth account on trezor? Can I not just store all my erc20 tokens on suites? Or I have to add it when I run out of my eth account to on trezor if I want to store many coins?

Hi Michal! Look like Trezor T wallet showing the project addresses instead of address I have to send my this two tokens to exchange . I tried to add addresses for Elon and Shiba to suite but I am got the messages that addresses are added and I see this tokens in ERC-20 .
I have too much in this wallet to take a risk . Unfortunately somehow people lost fund after connecting Trezor T to MetaMask wallet , what I don’t understand how it’s possible . The worse case scenario I will send this tokens the last to exchange using your advise after I will send my the most important investments out of the wallet . Thank you so much for suggestions! I never used MEW but I am sure I can learn . Do you know if I can connect mobile Metamask Wallet to a Trevor T suite ? I probably have too watch at least five videos to understand how it works. I am a newbie .
Trezor T so easy to use compare to Meta Mask .

Unfortunately I didn’t resolved this issue yet , but according to all suggestions you can connect your Trezor to MEW or Metamask wallet . I will do it once I decided to cash all fund to prevent loosing the rest , it’s not the best idea but I was reading that somehow people was looking crypto connecting their wallet to Metamask and I can not afford loose the bigger investment than Shiba and Elon . Did you find any other answers ? ELon and Shiba also still unsupported ERC-20 tokens .

Apparently if they are showing on your trezor it’s not a problem. Once they are showing its fine and you should be able to transfer it to an exchange. I don’t want to connect to the third party app as well , that’s why I got trezor . But u can see my balance of shiba on trezor so I don’t think it should be a problem. Shiba is supported by trezor as it’s an erc20 coin.

Unfortunately adding a contract address after you already sent this ERC-20 tokens doesn’t solve the issue . You may try first add address and send very small amount and than send it back to exchange, I believe it’s better to test it to see if it will work .
My Elon and Shiba , both are stacked .
Is the MEW wallet is an extension?

No it doesn’t work . I have a lot of ETH in the wallet . Also after I sent ELON and Shiba to the wallet , the suite giving the message that addresses was already added when I trying to do it . I was trying to do it manually, I though it will help . I can see both tokens it’s not a problem. What is also interesting that even if the suite giving the message that a contract address is added to the wallet , my Trezor T saying that is unknown token when I tried to send Elon back to exchange .

It’s strange but I think once you sent coin to trezor and if it recognised coin, its automatically added contract adress ., that’s why it won’t allow you to add manually as its already been added . But it’s showing you coin and correct value of it ? I have the same but I didn’t try to send it back to exchange. I also didn’t add adress before transferring my coins . But I am reading here that once they are showing in your wallet it shouldn’t be a problem to transfer them back to exchange. If I want to sell and will have the same issue I will try connect to metamask but ATM I am trying to avoid , even tho saying its safe as u still need confirm on trezor a transaction but I am not comfortable connecting to it . I will try to send to an exchange a bit and see if will work for me .

Please let me know how it goes and you you can read all replies to my post . I saw one more suggestions and but only you can decided what to do . I prefer to do it safe .