I can’t withdraw ELON ( unknown by Trezor T ERC20 ) from the wallet to exchange

Shiba is supported by Trezor but not by Trezor suite , but I saw that it will be added pretty soon .

Hold it anyway and see what happens but I want to tra for other erc20 coins not supported by trezor suite and how mentioned here below I can do it by simply adding contact adress . If I will be having issues transfer to exchange I will just add metamask . But once your coin showing there abd value of it , I don’t think should be a problem .I will let you know as well if works for me

Hey what was a suggestion? I tried to send to exchange and I get the same message as you unknown token, I think we need to connect to metamask as nit supported by suites ?

Hi Leo ,

So I had the same issue as you and I figured it out what I did wrong . You don’t need to add to third party wallet . So when you select send your coin on device will show an adress and will say unknown token . This adress showing is a Contract adress of the coin, not adress you should receive . So check if contract adress is correct, click on device ro confirm and next will ask you if correct receiver adress and confirm it ! Done , I wrecked my head but finally sorted ;)it will work for you as well and you don’t need manually add adress of coin if it’s showing on your suites with a name value and etc