How to: from paper wallet to Trezor T + forked coins

I searched all topics related.

I have a paper wallet form 2014 with BTC, i would like to transfer directly to my Trezor T, HOW?
I would like to claim any forked crypto e.g. BCH / BSV (all of them), HOW?

Thank you!

Hi @Golan,

You can find information on how to sweep funds from paper wallet to Trezor Suite at How do I import bitcoin from a paper-wallet DIRECTLY into a Trezor?

According to the claim of BCH, the 3rd party wallet needs to be used. Claiming BSV is more difficult. BSV is no longer supported by Trezor due to multiple security issues with this coin and a lack of development from its community. We do not provide any service connected to BSV and we cannot guarantee the security of 3rd party wallets. For more information please contact our official support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:
as we will need you to provide private information which is not a good idea to be shared publicly here.
At the moment, we do not have any internal solutions to help you claim this coin.
Although there should be the possibility to claim BSV via the Exodus as described here:

Please, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that using 3rd party wallet for claiming BSV will be successful.