How to activate all of cryptos

i just bought a new Trezor T and i really need help. This Trezor suppose to support a lot of new cryptos, but i can find them on the app or on the web…

You can add all supported coins…but if you are looking for specific tokens, you have to know which block chain they are on. IE Eth tokens need to be bought with your Eth receive address. So make sure you know which address to use…

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those are the only ones i can find

why only 14 coins appear to me, when it supposedly accepts almost all of them.

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facing same issue, dont want to connect third party apps/wallets, how can this be done in trezor suite?

Or do I have to use the wallets mentioned on the supported coins list? It would mean I have to sign up to at least 6 of them I.e. metamask, etc

erc20 token can be added in eth wallet.

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Do you know where I can get a list of the token addresses please?

Also some sas supported like Eos or Coti but recommend a third party wallet on the accepted coins list so it’s a bit confusing

This means that these coins cannot be managed directly in the suite. But the protocol of these coins is supported by trezor, and the private key can be kept in the trezor device. However, when managing (sending operations, etc.), a third-party wallet must be used.


Question do you need to add the Receive address of the token you want to add or just add the Eth address to the wallet and then transfer