Using Trezor in Binance Smart Chain Network


I was wondering if I can use Trezor One in BSC network? If so, is there any articles or guide I can refer to?


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although, Binance Smart Chain is not officially supported by the Trezor Wallet, it is still possible to use it connecting your Trezor to Metamask.

First, you just need to “Add a Custom Network” to MetaMask. A guide is here: Use MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain - Binance Chain Docs .

Pair then your Trezor device with the MetaMask application, as instructed Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki .

You will be able to interact with all BEP20 tokens using Metamask and your private keys will be secured by Trezor device.


I bought trezor and used it as storage for ronin wallet (Axie Infinity). but I cant withdraw my funds to other ronin wallet. What should I do?

Is there any way we can check coins in suite like erc20 tokens?


since it’s not supported directly I suggest to contact ronin wallet support. Thank you for understanding.


it’s necessary to use 3rd party wallets to managed BSC tokens.

Hi, does this means that the follwing situation I encountered is normal?
I withdraw dogecoin from Binance to the Trezor account in MetaMask wallet. I saw the coins there, but when I open the Trezor Suite, it shows 0.


not sure how did you send it from Binance to Metamask, but I suppose you have used BSC network, right? If yes, BSC is not supported directly and is visible using Metamask only and it’s Binance pegged BEP20 coin. We do, however, support Dogecoin directly so you don’t need to use Metamask or any other 3rd party wallet.

Yes, you are right! I’ve used BSC network. Thank you for clarifying this!

Hello i tried to transfer eth on binance to trezor suite. using bsc. and its not showing up. Please kindly help me! (i am using trezor 1 by the way)

the transfer was successful as well

Hi @Swinglow What network have you used ?
It is very important to select proper network when sending coins out of Binance. Ethereum should always be sent using Ethereum network.

If you have used BSC network please have a look at following issue where the whole problem and also solution is described.

I just transferred a Binance Smart Chain token to one of my Trezor addresses but it is not showing up in my account.

I think it’s because I forgot to assign the Trezor address to the Binance Smart Chain network. I also did not create the token in Trezor. Is there a way of fixing this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @azura-2108, Binance Smart Chain tokens are not supported in Trezor Suite, if that is where are you searching for them. What receiving address did you use as a destination?

I’m not able to post the receiving address here as it says not to, so I submitted a Ticket ID: 103808


I read that the Trezor does support BNB and Binance Smart Chain tokens.

Is this true?

Binance Smart Chain is compatible with MetaMask. Users can use MetaMask as a bridge between Trezor and Binance Smart Chain to make transactions to the Binance Smart Chain testnet.


If I want to store BEP-20 tokens on a trezor, do I need to necessarily download Metamask? Can I store it without Metamask? What if someday Metamask gets hacked, will the BEP-20 tokens get drained? What if Metamask sends some sketchy transaction, will I suffer? What if I manage to download editted/fake Metamask software?

3。no , it use the seed from trezor , you can also change to another metamask wallet to use the same MM-trezor wallet.
4。i dont understand what is sketchy transaction
5。Only the address displayed on the computer screen can be tampered with editted/fake Metamask , the address displayed on the Trezor screen cannot be tampered with, and the private key of the seed of Trezor cannot be stolen.

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