How do I access the other seed derived wallets?


  • A couple of years ago I set up my Trezor Model One using the Trezor Suite app.
  • Kept on using the wallet with a PIN and a passphrase for all these years through Meta Mask
  • Today, I opened Trezor Suite, which I barely use, and after having correctly entered the PIN and passphrase, I received an empty wallet message from the app.
  • Dig deeper and I found the address in the accounts tabs and is not the one I’m using in MM with the same PIN/Passphrase. That explains why the wallet is empty.
  • Nonetheless I am in control of another address on MM that uses the same PIN and passphrase of the Trezor Model one.


I think the issue is related to this

  • When I imported the hardware wallet years ago on MetaMask, I did not select the first address suggested, but instead chose a seed-derived one (say on the 5th page of the one suggested on MM).

This error was caused by the following concurrencies

  • Trezor Suite hides the address of an account, hence at the time of importing the hardware wallet on MM, I wasn’t sure which was the address of the newly created account in Trezor Suite.
  • The wallet was empty
  • Before choosing the address to import on MM. I should enter my PIN and passphrase of the Model One.
  • Only after MM asks to pick an address from a list

  • Being the one created in the TS app empty, it did not pop out with a balance, so I selected another empty one from the list


How can I see that address (the one I’m using on MM) also on Trezor Suite?

Based on my understanding, Trezor Suite lets you create multiple accounts - there’s a cap, for the same chain

According to the above-mentioned address gap limit, it is possible to generate 20 new unused addresses.

It does not let you pick the address but instead gives you one generated by the same seed phrase.
It also requires that each account “has already been used”, aka has a balance, before you can create a new one. In the case of Ethereum, an ETH balance.

It is also possible to create as many accounts as the user wants, but only if the previous account has been already used.

I could try to fund multiple accounts, i.e. addresses until l get the one chosen on MM. I may also reach the limit pretty soon, without having found the right address.

In a nutshell, similarly to what happens on MM, I would like to understand if there is a way to select a specific seed-derived address when creating a new account in Trezor Suite

I think that the issue of @drmadrid5, @tca, @CryptoSOS is, at least in part, related to mine. For different reasons, the address in the current account in the Trezor Suite is not the one they were usually using, but instead, another seed-generated. I would suggest visiting the block explorer of the chain of the account and input the vanished address, there should be a balance.


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@aargh Hey, yea, this is a totall nightmare! I also can’t find the correct BTC address for instance…

Whenever I try to log in to the web version of Suite it get’s stuck while loading… something is very wrong either with hardware wallet OR it’s on their side, with the update, Suite etc

The whole issue here is that just like you, I’ve written down the seed & passphrase! So how can it be wrong??? This is not necessary our mistake… there seem to be many people with the same issue and I believe just like me many are entering the right passphrase yet is locked out of the wallet. We must find, hopefully with the assistance of the Trezor team a way in.

trezor team please also look at possible errors on your side, I’m sure the system isn’t flawless… let’s get together and help each other find the problem.
This is extremely stressful, and very serious

I’d be very curious to see how it unfold s for you as well. If you find a solution, PLEASE let me know!! I will do the same!

you are mixing the connection issues with your seed/passprhase issue, these are not related.

Also, I believe you still have not tried installing separate metamask and connecting your Trezor as advised. If you have let us know.

@forgi Yes, I was going to write to you. I did just try to open up my MM in a new browser, installed it etc, but I couldn’t find my wallets or the funds. I manually put in the ETH address that is connected to my Trezor & MM and it couldn’t find it… It’s there as normal with my funds when I log in through my usual browser. But it does show up in there even though my Trezor isn’t connected to it. Could this be that the funds are actually not there? it’s confusing

ps I don’t understand how it’s to do with seed/passphrase issue when I’ve written them down … Im using the same word combinations

yes, then it is the seed/paspshrase issue, you see it other MM because it is there from when you didi it the first time used different seed/passphrase

As I said I’ve written them down and I’m using exactly the same seedphrase…

@forgi do you know if in some way I can pick the address for a new account on Trezor Suite?

Trezor Suite shows you the first ETH address, then you can add more (up to first 10) but only if the previous one is used (has balance)