Hidden wallet does not revert back to standard wallet

Hi, I recently set up a new Trezor one just to find out “Passphrase” is on by default. I quickly typed my pin with “empty” passphrase to enter my standard account and disabled the passphrase feature. However when I disconnect my Trezor and enter Trezor suite again without passphrase asked, the account has permanently changed to “Hidden Wallet” shown on the label. I tried both the web version and trezor suite desktop client both shows hidden wallet.

Is this a bug or Trezor automatically revert back to standard wallet with passphrase disabled. I was scared since if this device is damaged or lost, I will no longer able to restore my wallet with 24 seed phrase, since my wallet is hidden with unknown passphrase created by the device.

Screenshot 2021-11-09 081817

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I’ve exactly the same story/question

see my own Trezor Case

Hi @mgz1991, please try to reset the application by following these steps: go to Trezor Suite - Settings (cog wheel) - Application - Reset app.
However, please let me clarify that if you are accessing Hidden wallet but you don’t type in any passphrase, you are actually accessing your Standard account.
Let me know if the Reset button helped.


Hi, thanks for the help. I transferred most my crypto out of this wallet leaving a small amount still in there. I then wiped my device and restore it again with 24 word seed words. my wallet still recovered with small balance in it. Yes you are right
A standard wallet = a hidden wallet with a blank passphrase

A hidden wallet = A standard wallet with a passphrase

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Not quite, but almost. You are right that you access a Standard wallet by entering a blank Passphrase (if prompted) and that a Hidden wallet is accessed by entering a (correct) Passphrase, but, without meaning to split hairs or argue about semantics, it’s more correct to say that -

A Standard wallet = a wallet with no Passphrase
A Hidden wallet = a completely separate wallet with a Passphrase and the same features as a Standard wallet

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I’m afraid I’m dealing with the same issue here …

Have resetted the app as explained, but the problem persists (to be more specific, to reset the app just fix the problem temporarily, because if I disconnect and connect back again the Trezor device, then it shows again “Hidden Wallet” …

Is there anything else you may suggest in order to fix it completely ?

Thanks in advance !

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To make it clear, even when you click on the Standard wallet, you end up in a Hidden wallet, is that right? Please try reinstalling the application completely - remove Trezor Suite from the files and install it back again.

Thanks for your reply.

The problem it’s that for the same wallet, depending on how I disconnect the Trezor device from the computer, it appears as Hidden or Standard …

Actually, just found out that if I disconnect and connect back again the Trezor Device to the computer (keeping the Suite App openned) then it always appear as Hidden Wallet, but If I close the Suite App (keeping the Trezor connected and then I open Suite, then it appears as Standard Wallet, weird I guess. Besides I have recently discovered that apparently, other Trezor One users are experiencing the same issue.

Anyway, as suggested I have reinstalled the app completely but the problem still there.
I have even tried to use the Suite Web mode and to use a different computer, but same problem … besides, I have already wiped the memory and reinstalled the firmware … nothing :frowning:

Could this be a problem of the device itself ? Actually I not feeling sure about using my Trezor unless this is not clarified somehow (it’s a brand new Trezor one).

Thanks again for your comments.


What I do, to avoid ending up in the Hidden wallet when reconnecting and error message on the device about “Trezor is in incorrect state”, is to eject from the Hidden wallet and connect to the Standard wallet, then exit Trezor Suite and disconnect the device. When you connect again, do it in reverse.