Hidden Wallet and Yoroi Problem

Hi together,

I needed for staking ADA in Yoroi more than one wallet which are all secured with Trezor. So there was a video about solving this problem with creating a hidden wallet on Trezor Suite.
I did and now comes the mistake. I set my seed phrase as passphrase.

When I use the extra wallets in Yoroi, secured with Trezor, they all work without entering a passphrase. I leave it empty.

First question: Why is it working by using an empty passphrase? Is there maybe no hidden wallet?

Second question: Why can I see only my first Yoroi Wallet on my standard wallet on Trezor Suite and where are the others? When I type my seed phrase as passphrase on Trezor Suite to open the hidden wallet, it says that the characters are too long. What can/shall I do?

And here an suggestion to the Trezor Team:
Hidden wallets are nice, but there must be a way to see if I have one or not. So why don’t you make an option in the settings of the standard wallet where I can manage them? And please make a note or something to my secured wallets on third party wallets where I can see to which of my wallets they belong to.

Thanks for help!


If you don’t fill in any passphrase, you’re actually entering a standard wallet.

Passphrases are limited to 50 bytes. If you use multiple hidden wallets, you can choose to have the suite remember them. Click directly every time you visit, and enter the passphrase to access.

So if I generated the extra Wallets on Yoroi with my standard wallet like it seems. Why is their balance not shown in my Trezor Suite? Do I have to add them separately? And how can I do this?

Per this post it’s not possible to have multiple wallets backed by the same Trezor without passphrase.

You can either have:

  1. multiple wallets that all point to the same Trezor account and have the same balance
  2. mutliple wallets, only one of which is backed by Trezor, or
  3. multiple wallets secured by multiple different passphrases.

Yoroi will remember your wallets, so your different accounts might be using passphrases but you are never prompted to enter them.

To confirm that, please try the following:

  1. pick a wallet
  2. go to the Receive tab
  3. in the list of “Generated addresses”, click on the “Verify” button at right, for one address that you choose.
  4. in the Verify dialog, click “Verify on hardware”
  5. confirm showing address on your Trezor
  6. On Trezor screen, you will see: “Address payment credential is a path: m/1852’/1815’/0’/0/1”. The last “1” means that I picked the 2nd address. If you pick the first one, you will see “/0”. If you pick the third, it’s “/2”, etc.
  7. Confirm that the item after 1815’ is 0’. That is the account number.
  8. Go back to Yoroi tab and confirm that the address and the derivation path is the same that you see on your Trezor.
  9. If it is different, that means that you set up this account with a different passphrase than what you just entered.

Thanks, I’ll check it next days