Multiple ADA wallets in Yoroi

Hi, I just get my new Trezor, it’s fantastic I like it very much comparing to Ledger

This is my problem in adding new Cardana wallet in Yoroi by Trezor device.

I tried to add 2 wallets (complete 2 wallets not sharing the private key), but I failed with actually same entity in Yoroi. It shows 2 entries in Yoroi but same balance and same wallet id.

And during the permission granting it shows #1 key, I think this is the issue that Trezor always present the #1 key to Yoroi. How to let Trezor present different key to Yoroi to have real multiple wallets?


Hi, in order to create multiple unique wallets in Yoroi interface you need to enable passphrase feature on your Trezor.

Then in Yoroi wallet simply click on add new wallet and export Cardano public key for account #1 like you did before.
However this time after that step you will be asked to enter your passphrase.

Once the passphrase feature is activated on the device, you can provide any input of your choosing and it will be used to generate a completely new wallet.

Mistyping the passphrase will also generate a completely new wallet.