Hi new firmware update won't let move funds


Sadly, I did not realize the new firmware updates won’t allow me to move funds and I do not have my trezor seed phrase, but I do have my metamesk seed phrase. is there a way to use the old firmware to move my funds?

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your metamesk seed phrase have nothing to do with your trezor account .
you can even change a metamesk but still use the same address account with your trezor device.
if i remember right , it says Make sure you have your seedphrase before you update firmware . You know why ? update firmware sometimes can wip your device .

Does that mean its safe to update the firmware without my trezor seedphrase and be able to access my metamesk account and move funds after the update?

it is very unsafe to update the firmware without having seedphrase !
you do that you might lose your coin forever

hey not really sure why I should downgrade the firmware when its already in 1.6v

this is what I get when I try to move my funds and was wondering how I can bypass this without the update

ask the Community Support about this

thanks and i have already added a ticket

I am having the same problem, where can I add a ticket? And could you update this thread if you find anything out?

@Ryan21 @matae use Trezor Suite or web version Trezor Suite to move your ETH.

I do not have access to my private key currently, and I do not want to update my device. Now all of a sudden all transactions are blocked until it is updated. The problem is I do not want to risk my Trezor being wiped in an update and want to move my funds I have on it before updating. Can someone help me understand why it makes any sense to force everyone to update rather than have the skip option. If I get wiped I lose everything. Please help.


I have installed a new firmware because I was forced to and now I can’t send a single transaction because they are getting blocked

Totally agree with you. On top of that you have to install an update to test it, because company doesn’t want to spend money on testers, so users could do it

@San4 can you please post a screenshot of exact error?

this is all I’m getting on 2 different browsers

@San4 try incognito mode too and clear cache.

As mentioned before try to access your ETH via Suite.

You cannot add extensions in Incognito or guest window

Also suite doesn’t seem to work. Review and send button is inactive

you can, just have to allow it in the settings

Are you getting any invalid address error in Suite? Try to update the Suite itself too.

Trezor Suite is the latest version.
There is no error it’s just this button Review and Send is inactive. Like a picture, you can’t click it. When you click, nothing happends

Incognite mode doesn’t solve the problem. Loading… is still there.