Hello everyone! New owner of model T, and I have some questions

So I have a few questions. Instead of opening multiple threads, I thought I would just put them all into one.

Little about me: I’ve been into crypto just a little over a year now. It’s been fun and I absolutely love it! But I’m definitely still learning. (Thanks to coin bureau) I’ve stumbled here and purchased the model T! Very excited to be apart of the community and looking forward to see what information I can gain by the way.

Up until recently, I just kept my crypto on the exchange because I really enjoy checking it (every 15 minutes) and seeing the high’s and low’s. It wasn’t until recently I when I got a really bad taste in my mouth from Binance US. It all changed. It’s really true what they say… It’s not your crypto until you possess the keys.

But before all that went bad. I was using Coin Stats, Awesome app (for those of you who don’t know) it tracks everything, including lifetime stats on any exchange I paired it with. And it would show what the overall average was paid per coin etc, and a lot of other really cool statistics.

I guess that’s the one thing I’m really missing now. So my question, is there any type of software or application that plays nice with my hardware wallet that would still let me see what my total value is? One I could check regularly without having my hardware wallet on me?

Secondly, perhaps someone could help me on this. I purchased Harmony ONE on Binance US but I’m unable to transfer it too my model T when I try, it says it’s not an ERC 20 address? Did ONE become its own Blockchain?

Anyway, Thank you all for any and all advice you can share. I’m excited to be a part of the community and eager to expand my knowledge with your help.

So I’m guessing there is anything out there that will par with the model T? Even an app were I could manly add what crypto I had just to keep an eye on my portfolio current standings?

Hi @l3gacy304,

Harmony (ONE) is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) token. It is supported on Trezor in Firmware but you have to use a third party software, like Metamask, to connect it with your Trezor.

See the video in this thread:

Basically, you –

  • Install the Metamask plugin in either Firefox or Chrome browser,
  • Connect your Trezor to Metamask,
  • Connect to Harmony at Chainlist.org,
  • Use Metamask to transfer Harmony tokens to your Trezor.

Hi @l3gacy304

There is no such sw/app that would automatically pair and synchronized with your Trezor in order to check your portfolio.
There are several 3rd party wallets showing the value of your crypto assets in the dashboard as well as Trezor Suite however not all of these wallets/interfaces support desired networks (such as EVM compatible ones).

However the solution would be some app showing you current value of your portfolio (after all previous transactions have been manually added or paired with hot wallets/exchanges).
Such as CoinStats that you have mentioned or FTX (former Blockfolio).

Also please note that there is currently no plan of implementing such tracker for coins networks that are natively supported in Trezor Suite.

ONE uses two formats of the address, ETH and ONE. You have to use ONE format on Binance.

So, follow what Petosiris mentioned in previous post, add ONE (shard 0) to your Metamask,take your ETH address and convert it to One format here: https://explorer.harmony.one/

Just search the address and click ETH/ONE switch in the upper right corner, then copy your one address and use it on Binance. You will still receive the coins same way to your MM.

Hello @l3gacy304

is there any type of software or application that plays nice with my hardware wallet that would still let me see what my total value is? One I could check regularly without having my hardware wallet on me?

For this i Just found this app Satpile, I haven’t tried. It needs your accounts public key and with that it will let you see your balance.

I don’t know yet how it fully works and privacy concerns because your giving the app your public key.

If you are willing to try post here your experience

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So after looking around on the app I previously mentioned ( Having already paid for it) . It turns out you can add your coins manually on ( Coin Stats ) It will let you make portfolio’s. So I just made one and named it Trezor T and then manually added what all I had on my Model T and at what price I got it at and I’m still able to make use of all the paid features and daily and lifetime statistics I had before moving it off of the exchanges. Best yet no 3rd party anything which makes it more secure. Plus, I can check my crypto balance at any time + get all my notifications.

I should also point out I have no affiliation with Coin Stats whatsoever. I just really love the app and it does what I need. So maybe someone else would like to have this info as well. So I thought I’s share.