General use and understanding of Standard vs Hidden Wallet

Hi, can someone provide information on what wallet I use to store my BTC please?
I have lost all trust in myself and Trezor after losing all crypto when the Trezor Password Manager corrupted my password file, which had crypto credentials to crypto funds.

Hello @kotgc

The main diferentes between both is that the with a passphrase you have the option of adding a phrase that behaves like one more seed word.

So if you create an account/wallet, you have 12/24 seed/recovery words, if you add a passphrase whenever you need to access that account you have to connect your device and input the passphrase you chose. The passphrase has to be exactly the same as the first one you input. If you miss spell any caracter you will access a diferent account/ wallet.

A standard wallet you have access when you open suite or connect your device.

Check here:

Passphrase manual

Read carefully confirm and double check your choosen passphrase and also transfer in and out a small amount before you move all funds.

Hope this helps

Good luck



you can also find useful information about the passphrase in this video: Using passphrase in Trezor Suite, MetaMask and other apps - YouTube


Thank you, I have read the links.

Only question is, what if I cannot obtain a 2nd/replacement Trezor signing device?
There must be a list of software I could use to recover in an emergency.

Also, any links to multisig security?

Heii @kotgc

There a whole lot of software that is compliant with industry standards and so you just need to do some search.

One other wallet that has a partnership with Trezor is the Exodus wallet

Because You haven’t mentioned what project you are trying to secure for multisig you should do some research on each currency/token you are interested.

In case of Bitcoin, btc, you can check Sparrow-wallet

Ps: remember always do your own research, don’t trust verify


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