Forgot PIN for Trezor. How long do I have to wait to try and connect again?

I’m using trezor one. I forgot my PIN and tried several times. Now it says 1000 seconds verifying PIN. How long do i have to wait to try again since I already remembered my PIN? Since my trezor hasn’et wiped data yet, I’m assuming I attempted less then 16 tries.

hi @shotblank
the delay between pin entry after an unsuccessful previous attempt is always twice the previous delay
So you have probably tried 10 wrong attempts.
If you don’t want to wait anymore (and you have verified recovery seed) you can always connect your device in bootloader mode and proceed to factory reset at and recover you wallet afterwards.

You can find information on how to enter PIN and reset forgotten PIN here: How to enter PIN on Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T

you have to wait 1000 seconds this time .
next time will be longer

Hello. Thank you. How to verify recovery seed?

so called “dry-run recovery” can be done only directly in the interface so with unlocked device only
by clicking check backup in device settings: