Firmware Update hangs on "Waiting for host..."

I have a model T and am trying to update the Bitcoin only firmware from Bitcoin-only 2.6.3, to Bitcoin-only 2.6.4. But as mentioned in the title, I follow the instructions, but the screen on the Trezor just displays “Waiting for host…”.

I have tried this several times and have restarted my laptop etc.

I have updated the firmware in the past successfully.

I am using a Macbook 2020 with OS Sonoma 14

Please help! any advice appreciated

Hi @neonnebula,

You should see this screen in Trezor Suite if you see “Waiting for host” on your Trezor device:

If you can see it, please click “Install firmware”. If you cannot see it, make sure you have the latest version of the desktop version of Trezor Suite (v23.12.3). If so, and if you still cannot see the “Install firmware”, please try to update it in the web version of Trezor Suite.

Please, let us know the result.