Firmware update bricked my Trezor One - How do I resolve?


I have a Trezor One and was using Trezor Suite and it advised that I need to update the firmware so I duly followed the prompts.

During the update, Suite advised that the connection had been lost although the progress bar on the One was still present. I left it, and left it some more and several hours later, the bar hadn’t progressed so I (stupidly) unplugged it.

Now when I plug it in, Suite prompts with a Security check and the only option is to “Setup Trezor”.

I know I need to run through the recovery process and have read the instructions at User manual:Recovery - Trezor Wiki but none of the steps in the instructions match what I am seeing on screen and I don’t want to make things worse.

Please send help!

Ok, it’s all resolved.

And for anyone else with the same issue. I plugged the device in and installed the firmware which then gave me the option of new or recover wallet as per the instructions and my pitful investment is all there for me to see.

you are lucky, congratulations