Firmware Installation Failed But Successful on Device

Hello there!
I bought a new Trezor One from your Legit Reseller (Axie Ninja) and when i tried to set it up … and when ‘Install firmware’ window goes 100% with a ‘green check’ this image popped up with a message “Installation failed Error: Device disconnected” but i didn’t even disconnect it. But when i check the trezor device screen it said successful installation. So i just clicked retry on Trezor Suite and i was able to continue to phrase backup and pin setup and all looks like normal but im worried about that error i got earlier so i reinstall the firmware again but the same result. I even tried wiping the device and putting my seed phrase again but the same result. Should i just ignore that error and still use this? Tried to contact the seller and waiting for their reply. Wishing this was not tampered :frowning:

First Time Setting Up

Tried Reinstalling The Firmware

When Wiping Out

@Alvinx45 try to factory reset via old wallet as described here. Then install FW again and recover the wallet using seed words.

Try different USB cable and port.

If it it works everything is ok, check your seed in the settings, Device, Check backup.

i tried using the Trezor Suite Web Version and it didn’t gave me that error … just found out that the trezor device automatically disconnect itself after the firmware installation and reconnect itself again … is it correct ?

yes, you have to disconnect and connect during installation