Fingerprints don't match

Hi, I have a trezor 1 which had been lying dormant for last few years. When I plugged it in there was a message re a finger print - mine did not match, so I searched for an answer and a reddit entry said to just accept, then when it came for the pin entry, close out and wipe the device… So I accepted and went through all the next steps, but the pin entry never came up and I still don’t know how to wipe the device or what it means to have accepted the incorrect fingerprint? - sorry!

Hi @CC12

As for the fingerprints, please see this post

As for wiping the device, enter bootloader mode, first:

  1. Before you plug in Trezor to your computer, hold both buttons pressed

  2. While still holding both buttons pressed, connect Trezor to your computer

  3. Once, you successfully enter bootloader mode, you will see Trezor displaying something like this

Once you enter bootloader mode, access Trezor Wallet from Trezor Wallet and you will see a screen like shown below with an option to update firmware. Before you proceed with updating, please make sure you have you recovery seed. Optionally, you can reset device. However, this option will erase all data from the device and then you will need to install firmware again.