Fake Trezor websites

Have you found any fake Trezor websites? Please report them in this topic.

For Trezor Wallet use wallet.trezor.io only.
For Trezor Suite use Trezor Suite only.

It is strongly recommended to type in the address manually and bookmark it.
Never search for it using Google and never click on advertised websites.

I no longer have the link I was sent to on https://www.reddit.com/r/TREZOR/, because the criminal deleted it. However, yesterday someone going under the name TrezorOfficial stole over $53k from my Trezor wallet yesterday. Where else can I report this, so I can warn people?

I am very sorry to hear about this and thank you for posting this. This is one of the reasons we are launching this new forum to have full control over it and we can ban any scammers. This is being very big problem on Reddit. Feel free to post a message on Reddit to remind others not to talk to any so called Trezor support via DMs.

I know this is a very hard lesson, but be always extremely cautious with your seed. Never ever share it with anyone nor type it on any online website. Trezor staff will never ask you to provide us your seed.


This website told me my hardware was damaged and to not disconnect and to enter my security keys.

I did. They removed 5.5 Btc from my wallet. That was the majority of my lifes savings.

I am completely lost, I have been trying to contact customer support but noont has contacted me back.

The site is still live.

Please help.

Hi @Manthefence

Can you please PM your Ticket ID? Thanks.

On June 8, 2021, 30 Bitcoins were stolen from me. On a fake Trezor website to which I was redirected, I foolishly entered my recovery seed. I was scammed by the following site:


Besides this one the extensions checkrestore, devicecheck and restoretrezor were used, some are still on line.

Again, I know, I shouldn´t have given anyone this information, I have been in BTC since 2013 and have a Trezor since 2017, but somehow I did.

The stolen money was the basis of our permaculture project in Spain that we started in 2018, we probably can’t continue that now.

I was scammed by a website that asked for my seed phrase. I know, I am not a smart man. I’m new to crypto and thought it was necessary to do so in order to validate my account for the game Axie Infinity. All of my assets were then stolen. The website which stole the information is:
I learned this website is a scam. The other website is this:
Both ask for your seed phrase.

Hey guys @pajarts @Soroush_Raigani

Sorry to hear that you were scammed by these sites. Thanks for reporting these, though. Also, consider using passphrase as an extra layer of protection, and never ever share your seed.

Make sure to check security best practices User manual:Security best practices - Trezor Wiki

I was scammed they took 30 000 cad the website was trezor.io-recovery.org They transferred my Bitcoin to another wallet so disappointed in myself for letting this happen

I think that the official should tell the user at the time of initialization that the seed phrase should not be entered in any website, mobile app, or computer program other than the trezor device itself.
After initial installation of the firmware, trezor should be reset once to generate a new wallet again to ensure that money trezor is not a malicious device that can only generate a unique wallet.
These two points will be repeatedly emphasized to my friends when I recommend them to use trezor.
And I think that the trezor one model should only retain the advanced recovery, and completely eliminate the seed phrase from appearing on the computer!