Fake ETH Token on Trezor Suite

Hi all,

I noticed there was a strange “1 ETH” token in my Trezor Suite under the “Tokens” tab. I tried sending a fraction of that ETH to another of my own ETH addresses to test it out. However, the ETH never arrived and the balance on my Trezor Suite was still “1 ETH”. Only a small transaction fee was deducted. When I checked the transaction hash on ethereum.io, I saw a banner that said “This is a fake ETH token. Please exercise caution when interacting with it.”

Does anyone know what happened there? Did I just compromise the security of my Trezor wallet or any of my ETH addresses?

Heii @Rocco

To my understanding nothing new. You just need to do some research on the forum and you will find plenty of info on the matter.

Scam airdrop

Best not to interact with the token


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