Ethereum Staking reward balance not appearing in Trezor Suite

It appears Trezor suite only updates the ethereum balance when an on-chain transaction is detected. Since Ethereum staking rewards are different, The wallet balance does not update when I receive a staking withdraw reward. Therefore Trezor suite says I have less Ethereum in my wallet then there actually is. However, if I receive any on chain transaction afterwards, the Wallet balance updates and the balance shows up properly. Is there a way to manually refresh a wallets balance without having to receive an on chain transaction?
Curiously, Trezor suite lite has this problem on the main page, but not when you click the balance and view it

For a temporary solution, I turned off “remember” in the wallet tab on Trezor suite. I have to plug in my Trezor now every time I want to view my balance, but it does refresh the balance when I do so.

Hi @TrezorDoge,

you can also use a shortcut “ctrl+R” (“cmd+R” on Mac) to reload the balance loading process in Trezor Suite.